Thomas Steen Sørensen Photographer

Colorrange Photography was founded by photographer Thomas Steen Sørensen in 2007. The company has studio, office and meeting room in the heart of Copenhagen, and is dealing with all kinds of photography - food photography, reportage photography, corporate/business photography and the personal creative portrait.

In addition Colorrange Photography has the very stylized and highly staged photography as a specialty. This type of photography requires a thorough knowledge of Photoshop and often uses special effects. Storyboard and location are used for more complex images, and sometimes models are built in the studio - the effect is often hyperrealistic.Thomas Steen Sørensen uses his extensive background in film and demonstrates a theoretic expertise in classic movie genres – a knowledge that often shines through in his pictures.

Colorrange Photography is proud to have supplied some of Denmark's largest companies and magazines. No challenge is too small - or too large!


Contact information


If you have questions about my photography or want to get in touch, just drop me a message in the form, or write me a good old

email at 

OR give me a call

tel: +45 30231046

OR just swing by the office, the address is:

Republikken (Palmefløjen)

Vesterbrogade 26,

1620 København V